Directors and Members

Members of the Heartwood MAT

Revd. Stephen Banks (Chair)(Principal Officiating Minister)

Mrs Sarah Smith (Director of Education, Birmingham Diocese)

Revd. Roger Chamberlain (Principal Officiating Minister)

Mr David Brill (Chair of Directors)

Directors of the Heartwood MAT

 David Brill (Chair)

Revd. Stephen Banks (Vice Chair)

Anne Bufton-McCoy

Paul Lavender

Neil Taylor

Patrick Shaw

Dr Rhian Warrack

DFE Governors’ Handbook

MAT Attendance 2016-2017.docx

MAT Attendance 2017-2018 (1)

MAT Resources Attendance 2016-2017.docx

MAT Resources Attendance 2017-2018

MAT Standards attendance 2016-2017.docx

MAT Standards attendance 2017-2018

Directors Register of interests 2017 – 2018

Members Register of interests 2017 – 2018